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Effective recruitment strategies in healthcare directly impacts patient care, organizational reputation, and financial stability. Therefore, it is paramount for healthcare organizations to implement effective recruitment strategies.

The hiring process is quite challenging, and every step is crucial, as recruiting the right talent for an organization to prosper and reach new heights of success. In the healthcare sector, recruitment is vital as it revolves around patient care. With effective recruitment strategies, healthcare institutions can improve patient outcomes, reduce turnover-related expenses, increase efficiency, and adapt to new medical technologies by hiring highly skilled healthcare professionals.

Let’s see some healthcare recruiting trends for 2023 and 2024, healthcare recruiting tips, and other significant aspects of recruitment.

What is the Healthcare Recruiting Landscape?

The healthcare industry’s recruitment dilemma was hit significantly hard by Covid-19. Moreover, in 1921, the MGMA stat poll estimated that 73% of medical recruiters find staffing a significant challenge during the pandemic.

In addition to the pandemic, burnout and an aging workforce rendered healthcare recruitment harder. Therefore, we must understand the healthcare recruiting landscape to tackle these recruitment challenges and develop relevant strategies.

Staffing Issues: Recruiting Healthcare Professionals

The healthcare industry caters to around fourteen percent of the U.S. workforce, making it the largest sector in the U.S. market. While it may seem viable for aspiring healthcare professionals, the fact does not lessen the recruiter’s dilemma. These professionals struggle with hard-to-fill medical positions and other recruitment challenges discussed below – all of which call for effective recruitment strategies.

Contract Workers Replacing the Employed Staff

According to a survey conducted in 2022, 85% of nearly 1,005 facilities faced a shortage of allied workforce. As a result, around 59% of these facilities opted for the contract workforce to help fill the void. Hiring workers on a contract basis might work as a temporary solution, but it burdens healthcare care financially in the long run. Hence, healthcare organizations need an effective strategy to overcome the shortage of allied forces and enhance accessible care.

Elevated Turnover Rates

Unfortunately, the healthcare industry experiences high turnover rates, ranging from 19% in hospitals to 64% in at-home care providers and 94% in nursing homes. Many factors account for such a high healthcare turnover rate, as the industry typically requires long hours, uncertain working hours, and always-on-the-move jobs.

While the turnover rate had increased drastically during the initial days of the pandemic, recruiters still face its repercussions.

Learn more about the great healthcare turnover and other major recruitment issues here:

Widespread Employee Burnout

Workforce burnout is a long-run issue in the healthcare sector and requires immediate and effective recruitment strategies in healthcare.

Research published in 2021 indicates that the previous two decades have seen an immense burnout rate. However, the past few years have experienced an even more rapid rise. Additionally, this research indicates that various factors lay behind the back. Among these, work culture, environment, scheduling, and access to peer support top the list. In addition, poor work-life balance, insufficient self-care, fewer supportive relationships, etc., are other paramount reasons.

Employee burnout is a serious concern and requires efficient strategies for recruiting healthcare professionals. Furthermore, there is a need to boost effective recruitment strategies in the healthcare sector.

Recruitment Strategies in Healthcare: Healthcare Recruiting Trends for 2023 and 2024

Despite its past challenges, healthcare recruitment has revamped itself and is moving towards an upward surge. Some trends and innovations in recruitment strategies in healthcare have rendered it feasible for organizations to find, hire, and retain candidates.

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Let’s delve deep into healthcare recruiting trends for 2023 and 2024.

Flexibility in Scheduling Staff Roles

Did you know a flexible work schedule is among the top five preferences for job-seeking healthcare professionals?

Clinicians are more prone to work-life balance and flexible-shift hours along with short-term contracts. Therefore, one of the pivotal healthcare recruitment strategies is offering various shift options at the candidate’s convenience. Ultimately, the strategy will attract and retain more talent and prove to be one of the most effective recruitment strategies in healthcare.

Additionally, it could be a positive development for physician practices, as they typically have standard working hours. Moreover, it gives them a competitive edge compared to hospitals and other healthcare facilities that operate around the clock.

Career Progression Options

Offering adaptable career trajectories will be paramount in retaining clinicians, fostering their professional growth, and granting them greater independence.

Recent shifts in policy regarding telehealth and reimbursement for home-based healthcare services are opening up new avenues for clinical care outside of traditional hospital and nursing home settings.

This evolution is generating fresh categories of job opportunities for clinicians, heightening the competition in the workforce. Additionally, it will empower vertically integrated care providers to offer diverse and adaptable career paths within a single organization.

Pay Transparency

Amidst the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, job marketplaces set a new standard for transparency in revealing travel job rates. As clinicians become more inclined to consider core staff roles, they are eager for as much upfront information as possible.

Employers who disclose their hourly wages should maintain their commitment to pay transparency from the beginning. This practice is being strengthened by policy changes implemented by several jurisdictions nationwide, which mandate employers to indicate compensation ranges in their job postings.

Recruitment Strategies in Healthcare in 2023 and 2024

As we have looked into the comprehensive details of the healthcare recruitment landscape, let’s delve into the recruitment strategies for healthcare organizations. Later on, we will have an overlook of some healthcare recruiting tips.

Before you move on, here is why healthcare organizations need a robust recruitment strategy.

Give Significance to Retention

Another one on the list of recruitment strategies in healthcare is to seek retention of employees.

Employers ought to analyze their organization’s situations and repair the shortcomings quickly. The current employees are a gift and asset to the company. Therefore, their satisfaction should be the top priority. Seeing the current employees satisfied with the workspace, other candidates wish to join the team.

Creating an inclusive and encouraging environment will organically transform your healthcare institution into an attractive destination for individuals. Moreover, such a positive standing within the challenging healthcare sector can enhance the efficiency and success of your recruitment efforts. In turn, this enhances the organization’s image and prospectus.

Moreover, retaining employees is more economically favorable than hiring new ones.

Hire from Within

One of the innovative recruitment strategies in healthcare is to hire from within. Evaluating and promoting staff who deserve senior positions is the best way to retain quality employees. Candidates desire assurance that they will have the chance to develop and progress while being a part of your team.

By advancing employees from within the company, you can show that your organization truly embraces this principle. It ponders one of the best recruitment strategies for healthcare organizations.

Additionally, hiring from within reduces the burden on your hiring team. Moreover, finding quality staff who align with your goals and aspirations is challenging. So, recruiting seasoned healthcare professionals who understand your company’s values is a better option.

Incorporate Competitive Benefits

As mentioned, burnout is a long-term challenge in recruitment strategies in healthcare. Therefore, incorporating a beneficial package is one of the best healthcare recruiting tips. It provides flexibility, ample time off, work support, and other crucial benefits.

Additionally, reference inclusions further turn on the game. Your employees are well aware of the organizational culture and values. Therefore, they can help recruit explicit talent through referrals, as networking does wonders!

Enhance Relationships with Universities

Connecting with institutions that have well-established medical schools can prove to be among potentially significant recruitment strategies in healthcare. Furthermore, there is a frequent requirement for advanced degrees in medical professions. Therefore, this approach offers the most efficient route to delve into a pool of highly qualified candidates.

Recruiting university students verifies candidates’ qualifications and obtaining references. Furthermore, engaging in on-campus career fairs and career workshops allows recruiters to interact with potential candidates face-to-face and promptly schedule interviews.

Healthcare Recruiting Tips

Some useful tips for effective recruitment strategies in healthcare are:

  • Understand the specific role you are hiring for.
  • Make the most use of technology.
  • Build a strong employer brand.
  • Network with medical schools.
  • Offer competitive compensations.
  • Streamline credential verification.
  • Cultivate a diverse workforce.
  • Emphasize professional development.
  • Conduct behavioral interviews.


To conclude, recruitment in healthcare organizations is a challenging task. The recruitment sector faces several challenges. From employee burnout to contract workers, healthcare professionals have a paramount barrier standing forth. It calls for some effective recruitment strategies in healthcare. This blog guides some of the best recruitment strategies in healthcare that are ongoing for 2023 and 2024.

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