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In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care, many trailblazing health tech companies and startups are emerging as game changers. These pioneers have harnessed the power of innovation to transform patient outcomes, streamline healthcare workflows, and revolutionize the industry. Additionally, with these enterprises and startups hitting millions, health tech jobs are also experiencing an upward boost.

Let’s explore the top health tech companies that have achieved astounding success. Additionally, they have secured substantial investments, raising millions to fuel their vision of a healthier, more connected world.

A Quick Insight into the Medical Technology Industry

First, let’s gain a deep understanding of the medical technology industry. Where is it heading? Which countries are leading the technology market?

The medical technology sector plays a prominent role in the healthcare industry, encompassing various medical devices facilitating disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Moreover, some well-known products in this field include pacemakers, imaging instruments, dialysis machines, and implants.

As of 2021, the global market size for the medical technology industry is valued at approximately 536 billion euros. Today, the United States and Western Europe have established themselves as pioneers in the medical technology industry. However, industry trends indicate that Asia, especially China, will soon play a significant role.

Understanding HealthTech Ecosystem: Key Players on the Market Map

The diverse nature of the healthcare industry makes it tricky to classify it.

However, to understand the depth of the industry better, we will focus on three key areas:

  1. Providers
  2. Financiers
  3. Pharmaceuticals and other related segments

Let’s dive into the details of each:


The health-tech ecosystem refers to providers as facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulatory service providers. Hospitals are the hub for all healthcare professionals to deliver optimal health services, including primary, urgent, and preventive care. Nursing homes, on the other hand, provide short and long-term care. The facility’s short-term care includes post-surgical rehabilitation services and care for injuries, illnesses, etc. However, long-term services include lifelong care of elderly, disabled, and chronically ill patients.

Ambulatory care providers include medical offices and clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, hospital outpatient departments, and dialysis centers. These facilities offer outpatient primary and non-life-threatening urgent care.


Financiers refer to official and private bodies that curate health insurance policies and look after the payments for provided services. Financiers are responsible for streamlining access to healthcare, type of coverage, and provision of healthcare services.

However, some service providers are now incorporating digital solutions to improve their services and help serve customers better.

Pharma companies and related segments

As the name suggests, pharmaceutical companies manufacture medications and other chemical products for health and wellness. By related segments, we refer to manufacturers producing cutting-edge medical equipment and biotechnology firms that discover and create new treatments.

Top 13 Most Successful HealthTech Companies & Startups That Raised Millions!

Healthcare is making significant strides in innovation and technology, as established companies and emerging startups are actively venturing into the industry. Such enterprises drive innovation and technological advancements and boost the demand for health tech jobs.

Let’s seek into the top 13 health tech companies first and then the startups making millions.

1. M2GEN

Founded in 2006, M2GEN is an oncology-specialized health information solutions company that directs effective treatments to cancer-ridden patients. Furthermore, the organization provides personalized diagnostic tools and therapies to tailor treatment per the patient’s physiological condition.

M2GEN is a pioneer in its niche and currently partners with 18 cancer centers through the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network. The organization has a funding base of $75 million and utilizes technologies such as Java, JavaScript, Perl, Scala, etc.

2. DearDoc

DearDoc came into being in 2018 and focuses on tech-based growth management criteria. It is one of the top health tech companies that helps small to mid-size private medical practices through its internet-based products.

However, the idea for DearDoc struck the mind of the company’s founder after noticing the Fortune 500 companies employing chat functionality on the website. With this idea, he incorporated AI chat first in his granddad’s business resulting in a grand increase of 200% in new patients. The total funding of DearDoc is around $150,000-$2.5 million, and it leverages technologies such as JavaScript, Java, and Query.

3. connectRN

Founded in 2014, connectRN is a modern-age health tech company that caters to nurses and other nursing professionals. The organization understands the significance of such healthcare professionals in the sector and, thereby, revolutionizes how they look for employment.

ConnectRN leverages advanced technology to connect nurses with health tech jobs and other resources essential for thriving careers. Their competitive prices encourage many medical facilities to simplify staffing and find skilled health workers.

Are you a nursing professional and need guidance in landing the right job? Here’s some advice, begin your job hunt correctly by tailoring an efficient nursing cover letter.

4. Wellframe

One of the early health tech companies, Wellframe, was founded in 2011 in the USA. Having a funding of $45 million, Wellframe is revolutionizing the relationships between individuals and the healthcare realm. It has adopted an innovative approach to introduce high-tech systems to personalized support. This approach was named Digital Health Management. Moreover, wellframe provides an extensive array of digital health management solutions, encompassing care management, advocacy, and navigation.

5. Podimetrics

Podimetics, a virtual care management and technology company, was founded in 2011 and has a funding of $98.3 million. As the name suggests, Podimetrics cares for diabetic patients and reduces the risk of diabetic foot complications. Furthermore, its FDA-cleared SmartMat innovates and improves diabetic foot management for physicians and patients.

6. CertifyOS

CertifyOS is one the latest health tech companies founded in 2021 in the USA. It offers API-based licensing, credentialing, and enrollment services to health systems, payors, and digital health companies. Additionally, CertifyOs has hundreds of verified API integrations and data points to streamline and simplify the process of network monitoring, credentialing, and licensing.

7. Wheels

Wheels came into being five years ago with a mission to deliver high-notch virtual care to healthcare professionals. Wheels is a driving force (pun intended) that connects physicians with an innovative and comprehensive platform for offering virtual care. The organization has a funding of $215.6 million and leverages technologies such as PostgreSQL, React, and Node JS.

Health Tech Startups

Let’s have a look at health tech startups:


Aiming to provide top-notch solutions, Prenome is a women-centric platform. With a data-driven approach, Prenome identifies the women-centric health risks and suggests treatments accordingly. They have tailored an innovative product in the form of a research study aiming to assist women in identifying gestational diabetes risks.


A startup aiming to provide 1:1 navigation guidance to help cancer patients deal with the disease and treatments. Moreover, Navvisa personalizes the counseling on an individual level.


Haven is an ideal platform to interact and reach out to certified healthcare providers. Additionally, with its free service, it aims to find healthcare professionals with ease and convenience.

Endear Health

Endear Health is a recent venture that provides services to the aging population with a one-stop solution platform.


Clutch targets athletes suffering from mental health. It assists athletes in maintaining fitness throughout their journey. Although athletes have lesser health issues than normal individuals, mental health issues can be concerning.


Marham is ideal for finding experienced and best-known healthcare professionals in any country. It aims at addressing the health of both the physicians and the patients.

Introducing HealthCareTalentLink- One of the Dedicated Health Tech Companies on Its Way to Success!

HealthCareTalentLink (HCTL) is another company making its way to the list of successful health tech companies. It offers the first dedicated professional platform that links the healthcare community with its talent, products, and services in one place.

However, there is more to HealthCareTalentLink (HCTL) than what meets the eye. The platform offers a dedicated Job Board, respectively connecting professionals and organizations with health tech jobs and candidates. The Service Gallery provides long-term solutions, while the FlexLink Gallery connects you with freelancers and short-term service providers.


To conclude, healthcare tech companies are expediting technology and innovation. With various companies making millions, we have narrowed down the list to the top health tech companies and startups making millions. HealthCareTalentLink is a relatively new platform on its way to enlisting itself amongst the top health tech companies. It provides a convenient way for searching healthcare and health tech jobs. Therefore, join our platform if you want to connect to the pool of talented and calibrated healthcare professionals and enhance your professional networking.

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