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The healthcare industry is expanding rapidly, and so are new job opportunities. So, if you are a recent graduate with little or no experience or want a career switch, we have gathered some hospital jobs with no experience required.

Top Ten Hospital Jobs With No Experience Required

Did you know the healthcare job sector is expected to grow by 13% from 2021 to 31? This expansion caters to opening new job positions, including entry-level positions. So, if you are a recent graduate or a career switch aspirant seeking job positions, here are the top ten hospital jobs with no experience required:

Psychiatric Nurse

With an average salary of $83,279 annually, a psychiatric nurse tops our list of top ten hospital jobs with no required experience. These professionals provide care to patients suffering from any sort of mental health needs. Moreover, their responsibilities include recording vital signs, overseeing primary care, administering medications, reporting changes in behavior and health, etc. Additionally, they can work with families to create the best care plan for these patients. Moreover, these nurses have full-time job duties.

Environment Services Technician

Having an average salary of $51,848 per year, environmental service technician is a designation worth achieving. Environmental service technicians clean, arrange, and disinfect medical offices and rooms. Tasks include emptying garbage cans, sweeping floors, dusting, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and removing biological pollutants. Moreover, environmental service technicians usually work full-time.

Laboratory Technician

Applying to this position, you can earn a yearly average salary of around $49,533. However, no experience is required in most cases. Therefore, this job role ranks itself among the list of hospital jobs requiring no experience.

Laboratory technicians gather and analyze lab samples and present their findings in written laboratory reports. They examine patient fluids and other biological materials when working in a medical environment. Laboratory technicians stick to strict lab safety and security rules when cleaning and maintaining the laboratory environment. Typically, laboratory technicians have a full-time routine.

Medical Biller

With an average salary of around $46,025, this job role also ranks itself among the list of hospital jobs requiring no experience.

Medical billers are responsible for accurately documenting and billing medical services and procedures to insurance companies, government programs, and patients. If you have little or no prior experience in medical billing, you can still apply to his job role. Additionally, the education requirement is also less. An associate’s degree or a high school diploma would work. However, certification is a prerequisite most often.

Health Information Technician

Having a national average salary of around $45,369 per year, HIT is a reliable job position to consider.

Health information technologists collect, preserve, and protect medical records and information. Technicians must follow particular guidelines for safeguarding medical information and complying with laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Moreover, they also ensure that medical information is correct. They also help update the medical information based on medical professionals’ or patients’ requests.

Certified Nursing Assistant

These professionals have an average yearly salary of $41,979. As a certified nursing assistant, you provide essential comfort and care to patients. Typically, your primary job role arises in non-acute healthcare situations. Although this is among the list of hospital jobs requiring no experience, certifications are a prerequisite. However, these certifications take little time and usually last six months.

Medical Assistant

Yes, the job role of a medical assistant is optional. Moreover, you can earn an average salary of $40,362. Medical assistants perform office tasks (answering phones, greeting patients, updating medical records, filling out forms, scheduling appointments, arranging hospital admission and laboratory services, and bookkeeping). Moreover, they perform medical care duties (taking patients’ blood pressure, preparing them for exams, and assisting physicians during minor procedures).

Additionally, this job role doesn’t require any experience. Moreover, the education requirement is also minimal, i.e., a high school diploma or post-secondary education.


With an average salary of around $39,605, a Phlebotomist positions itself well among the hospital jobs requiring no experience.

This role requires you to take blood samples from patients, handle, analyze, and dispose of them properly, and record the results in medical records. This role may require a qualification, which can be obtained in less than a year.


You can acquire the caregiver position with an average salary of $28,130. This job role also ranks itself in the list of hospital jobs requiring no experience. Caregivers are also called home health aides. They assist elderly or disabled adults in daily activities at home or daytime care facilities. Making beds, washing laundry, and cooking meals are all possible responsibilities, as is advising families, older adults, and people with disabilities on nutrition, hygiene, and domestic utilities. Additionally, this job role doesn’t require prior experience and a minimal education requirement of a high school diploma or equivalent.

Nursing Assistant

A nursing assistant is a good career option with an average salary of around $35,856 per year.

Nursing assistants provide indirect care and carry out routine tasks under the direction of nursing and medical personnel. Moreover, they may assist patients in operation and examination rooms, maintain patients’ rooms clean, set up equipment, store and transfer supplies, assist with various treatments, and report on changes in a patient’s physical, mental, or emotional state.

The education requirement revolves around passing a state-approved education program and passing the state’s competency exam to become certified.

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Typical Skills for Healthcare Professionals

This blog provides a guide to hospital jobs with no experience required. Here we are with some specific skills for you to acquire as a healthcare professional:


Compassion is essential for healthcare professionals because it allows them to connect with patients and understand the burden that disease can bring for them and their families


Healthcare workers will care for patients regularly in a clinical setting. Moreover, they are dedicated to helping others on the job. Even healthcare administrators bring attention to the job to maintain consistency and accuracy.

Critical Thinking Skills

Health care can provide unique issues that demand critical thinking abilities. These qualities include the capacity to assess a problem and generate solutions, outstanding communication skills, and strong observational skills.

Teamwork Skills

Most healthcare careers require the ability to function in a team environment. Working as a team entails effectively communicating, being honest, and putting aside differences to achieve a single goal.

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Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is essential in healthcare to document patient information, follow medical protocols, and prevent errors in diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, healthcare professionals must record patient data, administer medication precisely, and monitor patient progress with keen observation.


To conclude, finding the right hospital job with no required experience is challenging. Therefore, this blog has simplified the process for you. It entails all the top-rated hospital jobs with no experience required. However, it encompasses the average salaries that these jobs will be offered. But, with these salary figures in hand, the next task is to find the perfect healthcare platform that offers optimistic job opportunities.

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