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Hospital Pharmacist Salary Overview

If you’re considering a hospital pharmacist position, your top priority is likely to learn about the hospital pharmacist salary. Then, you’re in the right place for that information. This blog will guide you right.

A famous quote by Kim Garst, Founder and CEO of Boom! Social states that:

‘If you don’t place a high worth on your time, neither will anyone else. Cease offering your time and skills for free. Moreover, recognize the significance of your knowledge and start requesting compensation for it.’

A good salary in healthcare is significant, as it acknowledges the substantial responsibilities and unwavering dedication of healthcare professionals. Furthermore, it fosters a spirit of hard work and motivation, driving them to excel in their roles.

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, some specialties are high paying. Luckily, hospital pharmacists make up among the top ten best-paying pharmacy jobs. Therefore, enrolling in this field can accelerate your progress and pay you generously.

So, what are the hospital pharmacist salary in USA and other states, such as Michigan.
Let’s explore.

Hospital Pharmacist- The Job Profile

Medications and vaccines are at the core of a pharmacist’s daily existence. However, hospital pharmacists need to equip themselves extensively with the field of medicine. There are several reasons:

  • To ensure patient safety and security.
  • To hold a thorough understanding of medicine to make informed decisions.
  • To facilitate effective collaboration with other healthcare professionals like nurses, physician assistants, etc.
  • To optimize medication therapy by having extensive knowledge of valuable insights.
  • To adapt to advances in the medical field and gain insights into new drugs, treatments, and research findings.
  • Moreover, to make effective decisions alongside physicians in a clinical setting.


As a hospital pharmacist, you will:

  • Check prescription errors, ensuring it’s safe and appropriate for the patients.
  • Provide advice on the type and dosage of medication.
  • Take rounds inwards to record patient drug histories.
  • Collaborate effectively with other healthcare professionals to address any issues patients may encounter while managing their medications.
  • Engage in treatment discussions with patients’ relatives, community pharmacists, and General Practitioners (GPs).
  • To take care of adequate storage and quantity of medications.


Embarking on the path to becoming a hospital pharmacist can be intriguing and rewarding.

  • Achieve a master’s degree in pharmacy (MPharm). The preferred option is an accredited General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) degree.
  • Fulfill a one-year foundation training period as a trainee pharmacist (formerly known as pre-registration training).
  • Pass the GPhC registration assessment.
  • Fulfill the fitness to practice criteria.


Some required skills are:

  • Enhance communication proficiency to interact with both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Work carefully and attentively.
  • IT-related skills for information recording.
  • Prioritize work and meet deadlines.
  • Have a general awareness of clinical terminologies and equipment.
  • To bear work pressure.
  • Professional attitude towards work.
  • Enhance professional networking.

Why Choose the Profession of a Hospital Pharmacist?

Choosing the profession of a hospital pharmacist offers a multitude of compelling reasons, each contributing to a fulfilling and impactful career.

Here are a few insights:

Patient-centered Care

Hospital pharmacists are at the forefront of patient care among all the pharmacist’s specialties. Additionally, they ensure the safe and effective use of medications.

Professional Development

Remaining registered with GPhC requires you to sustain your professional skills. Moreover, your knowledge should be up-to-date with the innovative changes incoming constantly.

Career Prospect

The career pathway is progressive. As the aging population increases, job openings are likely to increase. Moreover, you can advance your career after two to three years of experience. You can progress to the job role of a consultant pharmacist, a senior-level position. Additionally, you can adopt a deputy chief or chief pharmacist position.

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in the USA (2023-2024)

According to ZipRecruiter, a hospital pharmacist’s salary in the United States is around $57.49 per hour. The lowest end is $52.64, and the highest pay is $61.78 hourly. However, most in this field get paid between $55.53 and $59.38 hourly. It shows that the average range varies by a small factor (about $3.85).

Furthermore, these statistics reveal limited opportunities for advancement, even as you accumulate several years of experience.

Additionally, has separate statistics information. It states the average salary of a hospital pharmacist in the United States is $68. The lowest to highest range falls between $64-$73.

Furthermore, Indeed states that hospital pharmacists are getting an average hourly pay of $61.61. The range varies from $46.24 to $82.10.

The hourly compensation for hospital pharmacists varies significantly across different states, with an average rate (in 2023) as follows:

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in Michigan

According to data from ZipRecruiter, the average hospital pharmacist salary in Michigan is approximately $48 per hour, which falls slightly below the national average for this profession in the United States, currently at $57 per hour. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the salary range for hospital pharmacists in Michigan spans from $47.81 to $56.11 per hour. It reflects variability within the state.

On the other hand, Indeed states that the average hourly rate for a hospital pharmacist in Michigan is around $47. The range varies from $35.74 to $62.99.

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in California

When examining the hospital pharmacist salary in California, we find notable variations in reported figures. According to ZipRecruiter, the typical hospital pharmacist in the Golden State earns approximately $54 per hour, positioning California at 24th place among the 50 states nationwide in terms of this profession’s compensation.

However, a contrasting perspective emerges from Indeed, where the average salary for hospital pharmacists in California is approximately $70.88 per hour. This figure surpasses the national average for this occupation, which is $61.61 per hour. This disparity in reported salaries underscores the importance of considering multiple sources when assessing compensation in this field.

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in Texas

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for hospital pharmacists in the Lone Star State is approximately $48 per hour. It represents a deviation from the national average of $57 per hour. However, it’s crucial to note that the salary range in Texas is quite diverse, spanning from $48.29 to $56.67 per hour. When comparing Texas to other states, it ranks 42nd out of the 50 states in hospital pharmacist salaries.

On the other hand, data from Indeed suggests that the average hospital pharmacist salary in Texas is higher, averaging around $53.36 per hour. This figure exhibits a broader spectrum of earnings, ranging from $43.72 to $65.14 per hour.

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in Florida

ZipRecruiter states the average hospital salary in Florida to be around $47 per hour. The range varies from $42.73 to $50.15. Additionally, it ranks Florida 44 out of 50 states.

According to Indeed, the average hospital salary in Florida is around $59.31. This average stands between the range of $47.63 to $73.86.

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in New York

New York leads the capital state, boasting the highest average earnings for hospital pharmacists. According to ZipRecruiter, hospital pharmacist salary in New York is approximately $66, surpassing the national average, hovering around $57. Moreover, the salary spectrum in the Empire State spans from a lower end of $59.22 to a higher end of $69.50.

According to Indeed, the average salary for hospital pharmacists in New York is high. It shows the average to be around $61.39. However, the range differs from $48.95 to $76.99.

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in Ohio

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for hospital pharmacists in Ohio is $52 per hour. It is close to the national average of $57. Additionally, the range varies from $49.26 to $57.81.

According to Indeed, the average stands around $50.74, close to ZipRecruiter’s statistics. The average for Indeed varies from $40.91 to $62.95.

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Hospital Pharmacist Salary in Utah

The prevailing hospital pharmacist salary in Utah, as reported by ZipRecruiter, averages approximately $51 per hour. It has a spectrum spanning from $48.46 to $56.87 per hour. Additionally, in the national ranking, Utah secures the 31st position among the 50 states in this regard.

According to Indeed, the average salary for hospital pharmacists lies around $59.64 per hour. It is higher than the ZipRecruiter’s average. Additionally, as per Indeed, the salary ranges from $48.64 to $73.13.

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in Illinois

According to ZipRecruiter, Illinois’s prevailing hospital pharmacist salary is around $52 per hour. It spans from a range of $51.79 to $60.77. The average range stands close to the national average of $57. Moreover, Illinois stands at 28th position on the national list for hospital pharmacist salaries.

On the contrary, Indeed comes up with an average of $56.47 per hour. The range spans from $44.73 to $71.29.

Hospital Pharmacist Salary in Oregon

Oregon ranks ninth in the nation with an average hospital pharmacist salary of $57, mirroring the national average. According to ZipRecruiter, the salary range falls from $55.72 to $65.38.

On the other hand, Indeed reports that the current hospital pharmacist salary in Oregon stands at $54.45, with a range spanning from $45.46 to $65.23.

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States in USA ZipRecruiter
(Average Salary per hour)
(Average Salary per hour)
Michigan $47.89 $47.45
California $53.71 $70.88
Texas $47.59 $53.36
Florida $47.30 $59.31
New York $66.46 $61.39
Ohio $52.21 $50.74
Utah $51.04 $59.64
Illinois $51.97 $56.47
Oregon $57.07 $54.45

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